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          1. Welcome to ShenZhen JinLongGeWang Electronics Co., Ltd. . 中文版 . English
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            Hot Keywords: Digital lithium battery protection board  Power battery protection pcb board mobile phone battery pcba

            Product Categories
            Top BMS
                 3S ~24S保護板
            Digital BMS
            Hardware BMS
                 1s-2s BMS
                 3S BMS
                 4S BMS
                 5s-8s BMS
                 10S BMS
                 11s ~14s BMS
                 15S~20S BMS
                 3S~24S BMS
                 25S~32S BMS
            Smart Software BMS
            Active Balance BMS
            ESS BMS
            Smart Battery BMS
            Our Product applications
            meet the needs of suppliers PCB board and plastic accessories
            Phone battery
            Smart watch battery
            Digital camera battery
            Mobile power
            Power Battery
            Battery peripheral service advantage
            1.To provide digital batteries, power battery peripheral accessories supporting services, to achieve all kinds of battery protection board, a one-stop supply of plastic products to solve the multi-customer search for resource annoyance.

            2.With independent plastic mold development, manufacturing capabilities, the perfect solution to the PCB and plastic products with the production of the problem.

            3.Excellent electronic design and mold development experience to help customers achieve the perfect product concept.
            Multi-domain Quality management system
            Authoritative certification ISO9001: 2015 quality management system
            Quality Assurance
              Test Center --- Well-tested test equipment, with a mature test center.
              Product certification --- Sent to third-party certification, in line with domestic and European and American national standards.
              System certification --- International authority of certification, trust.
            Quality management policy
              With the quality of customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement, to achieve the core values of customers and businesses.
            Quality management objectives
              1.PCB production through rate of more than 98%, plastic parts through rate of 99% or more;
              2. shipped to the client IQC sampling pass rate of 99% or more/td>
              3. Customer satisfaction ≥ 90%
              4. Aftermarket bad less than 1000DPPM.
            Thrust test
            Load test
            Component inspection
            Battery protection board Production supply security
            RICOH IC
            RoHS PCBA
            Core material
              Main control IC: Imported brands from Japan's Ricoh RICOH, MITSUMI, and SEIKO (good precision and good anti-interference)
            Battery protection board quality control
              Raw material FAI sample, recognized, to ensure batch quality
              100% inspection of the whole process, IPQC implementation of 0.5H / times AQL inspection
              CPI continued to improve the proposal, and constantly improve product quality
              Anti-static packaging, to prevent electrostatic damage
            Battery peripheral production capacity
              Automatic dispensing process, and fully protect the stability of components
              220T large tonnage injection molding machine to ensure product accuracy and plasticity
              The implementation of ERP management system, rapid response, to achieve 2 delivery
            Our Service
            Thoughtful service, embodies quality, responsibility and corporate value!
            5 years More experience design,
            5 product property rights,
            Customer concept, strict output;
            ERP system monitor production ,
            International quality management system control;
            Quickly , In 2H to Reply,
            Engineering, quality assurance, logistics system quickly.
            Our core competencies
              12 years of design, manufacturing experience, excellence, all-round guarantee the industry’s superior quality standards.
              To provide battery peripheral products PCB and plastic parts, as well as injection mold packaging services, one-stop;
              With its own independent test center, with a number of independent intellectual property rights;
              With the first domestic design, manufacturing center, one-stop solution;
              Authoritative certification body certification, through the ISO9001: 2015 quality management system;
              The implementation of ERP internal management system, rapid response, to achieve 2 days delivery;
            Into Us  

            ShenZhen JinLongGeWang Electronics Co., Ltd.
                ShenZhen JinLongGeWang Electronics Co., Ltd. Founded in 2006, is a commitment to high-quality mobile phone battery protection board, mobile power protection board, power battery protection board, electronic products PCBA, plastic products, injection mold, irrigation mold R & D design, production and sales as one Comprehensive high - tech enterprises.
                The company fully implement the general manager of the 'customer-oriented, quality as the foundation to serve the outcome of the' management thinking, all raw materials are subject to strict quality control, mold, core are used NAK80 materials, plastic pieces of Taiwan's environmental protection Materials, PCB protection board products, the core device IC is used in Japan brand, SMT manufacturing all lead-free production process, in line with ROHS standards, and fully protect the quality of shipping products...

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            ShenZhen JinLongGeWang Electronics Co., Ltd.

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            Mobile Phone:0086 18998935574

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            Add:Building A, No.126, Hedong Village, Hengkeng, Guancheng Community, Guanhu Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen City,Guangdong China

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